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The Wahda Original - Eau De Parfum Sample 3ml

The Wahda Original - Eau De Parfum Sample 3ml

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"The Wahda Original" – a fresh unisex perfume that promises to be the conversation starter, a combination of captivating notes that linger in the air, allowing the wearer to stamp their mark.

This fragrance features top notes of Egyptian balsam, musk, and vanilla weave which meets the lush middle notes of succulent mango and vibrant nectarine, creating a stunning sweet smell that gets better the longer it stays on 

This Fragrance will come in a small 3ml bottle, enough for you to try before you buy the big bottle! 



 How should I store my fragrances? 

Please note, as with all fragrances, they must be kept out of direct sunlight and away from hot/cold elements. Failure to do so may result in your product being affected. 

Are they safe to spray on clothes? 

As there is a higher oil content to make them last longer, we do recommend that you take care when applying on lighter fabrics. 

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